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A Snail's Tale 35" Silk Square Scarf

A Snail's Tale 35" Silk Square Scarf

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To the snail, even a humble garden is a jungle ripe for exploration. Teeming with the lush color of flower and fruit, A Snail's Tale is a celebration of the beauty one discovers on a slow and steady journey.

About the Series Collection

Each limited-edition Series Collection scarf is a lovingly crafted silk square made from the finest silk twill with a hand rolled hem. Featuring original patterns from master artists, Series Collection prints are rich with vibrant color and intricate detail. We introduce a new member to the collection seasonally, every one a timeless work of art you can wear.

Dimensions: 35 in. x 35 in.
Materials: 100% silk twill
Made in: China



100% silk Made in China

Care Instructions

Dry clean

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