Sylvia Weinstock

Sylvia Weinstock

Q: What is your favorite scarf memory?

A: I really love scarves. I wear many of them, because I think it becomes a piece of jewelry. You don't have to wear necklaces or something. You put on something very simple with a beautiful scarf, and you've made it. You just go with it.

Q: What do you have bragging rights to?

A: I don't have bragging. It's taken me a long time to become comfortable in my skin, so now that I have that comfort, I don't have to brag… And the people that have a big ego who are very busy bragging haven't reached that moment yet that they're comfortable in their own skin.

Q: How did you know that you'd made it?

A: Well, I know I made it in many ways, because I've been very proud that many of my clients remember me. They remember the wedding cake. It is a highlight of the event. I think you can say I made a good living. I am proud of my product, and I am recognized for that, and so I think I've done a good job.

Q: What's your life motto? Do you have one?

A: My goal is to be the most decent, caring person that I could be and not to have any prejudices, to accept people at face value, and to welcome everyone into my life.

Q: What is the best gift you've ever received?

A: The best I ever received was the love of my husband of almost 70 years, of my three daughters who love me, and I have six grandchildren that I think are really great fun.

Q: What is advice that you would give your 21-year-old self?

A: Life has many roads, and if you take one road and it doesn't work, learn to switch to another road. Don't get stuck. You are in control of your life.

Q: If you had a free day to do anything you want, what would you do and why?

A: If I had a free day to do anything I wanted to do, I'd start with a Bloody Mary. I'd take a walk in the good weather. I'd probably read a book.

Q: What or who inspires you?

A: Inspiration comes from many places. I think as a mother and a grandmother, food on the table was always important, but the big headlight of the whole thing would be the cake... So, I became a dessert maven, and I learned to make lots of desserts, but when you made a fancy cake, it was a "wow" thing, and that got more mileage than a brownie.

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