Samantha Sheinson

Samantha Sheinson

Q: What was your teenage style like?

A: My teenage style, I would consider preppy and colorful, I think. I consider my style now like a whimsical sophisticate, so I feel like it was similar, but like maybe not as sophisticated, just like whimsical preppy, I guess.

Q: Who is your style icon?

A: My style icon now is Lauren Santo Domingo, who is like the ultimate New York blonde.

Q: What is your favorite scarf memory?

A: So my favorite scarf memory is definitely when my mother gifted me this really beautiful scarf. It was this like fancy print and she gave it to me in pink rather than the classic color, because she knows how much I much prefer fun colors as opposed to basics.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: The best part of my job is working with brands that I would've never had the opportunity to even connect with if I hadn't been in this career.

Q: What or who inspires you?

A: I think New York women inspire me. I love like walking down the streets, especially uptown. I live downtown, so I kind of feel like as much as it's inspiring, I'm starting to kind of see the same trends. But going up town, it feels like a whole other world to me and I always feel really inspired when I'm up there.

Q: If you weren't a style blogger, what would you be?

A: I'd probably be a buyer. That's what I was before I became a style blogger. I probably would be still cracking numbers, analyzing them and figuring out what sells best.

Q: What is advice that you'd give your 21-year-old self?

A: I would tell her to follow her passion and not focus as much on like monetary issues or financial issues. Because I believe that if you follow your passion, the money will come.

Q: Was starting your blog following your passion?

A: I think starting my blog is following my passion... when I was in college I had girlfriends who would say, "You should start a style blog, you always look so great, you should take pictures" […] It was 2007 or 2006, like no one had style blogs, and if you did, it was weird... I wish I'd started sooner. I think that the concept of a style blogger has evolved so much and you see these girls now who almost have built empires for themselves just out of like taking pictures of themselves walking down the street. I think it's amazing what's happened.

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