Sep. 13 2021

4 Headscarf Looks to Try this Fall

If you thought the headscarf was a fleeting trend reserved for runways and TikTok, it’s time to get on board. Fashion gurus everywhere have been swapping out their hats and headbands for the endlessly versatile silk square, and, at Echo, we couldn’t be happier about the rediscovery of one of our favorite timeless looks. The versatility of a silk square has been proven time and time again, and the seemingly endless ways to wear are still growing… We know the polished looks can be daunting (the risk of accidental babushka is real!), so we’re breaking down our favorite ways to wear a headscarf. 

1. The Starlet

Whether you’re getting breakfast at Tiffany’s or deja vu in your convertible, this 60s inspired look is as effortlessly chic as it is effortless.

GET THE SCARF: Floral Patch 40" Silk Square 
Dimensions: 40" X 40", Fabrication: 100% Silk

HOW TO TIE: Fold a silk square in half to make a triangle. Then, wrap the longest edge around your hairline, tying the two corners under your chin. Pair this look with some statement sunglasses and leather gloves for the Grace Kelly moment you’ve always wanted.

2. The Trendsetter

This trendy take on a headscarf was undoubtedly the scarf look of the summer, and it’s just as stylish for fall. You’ve seen it on every it-girl from Bella Hadid to Selena Gomez, topping every outfit from a bright bikini to a blazer. 

GET THE SCARF:  The Menagerie 35" Silk Square
Dimensions: 35" X 35", Fabrication: 100% Silk

HOW TO TIE: Just like look #1, start with a silk square folded into a triangle. Next, pull the longest edge across your forehead with the rest of the scarf falling over the top of your head. Take the two corners of the longest edge and pull them back over the rest of the scarf and tie at the back of your head. Now, you’re the style icon!

3. The Playful Pony

Take a ponytail from work out class to dinner date in ten seconds using practically any size or shape silk scarf. 

GET THE SCARF: Swirling 35" Silk Square
Dimensions: 35" X 35", Fabrication: 100% Silk

HOW TO TIE: Simply fold it lengthwise a few times and tie it around a ponytail holder. Try a bold printed scarf to add a pop of color to a monochrome look or a solid colored scarf to compliment a busy outfit.

4. The Hair Tamer

This feminine look is perfect for smaller silk shapes and has quickly become our dry shampoo replacement. 

GET THE SCARF:  Vintage Floral Silk Square
Dimensions: 35" X 35", Fabrication: 100% Silk

HOW TO TIE: Roll your silk of choice lengthwise until it’s 2-4 inches thick. (Pro tip: Tie the rolled scarf around your head from the crown of your head to your forehead to get the sizing right.) Then, pull the tied scarf to hang around your neck and push it back over your forehead. From here, you have options. You can tease out a few pieces of hair to hang in front or leave all of your hair back and tie in a bow to the side, or under your hair for an elevated headband effect.