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Tassel Rhapsody Silk Square

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Every season, Echo creates a Series Scarf constructed by skilled artisans using timeless techniques, featuring only the finest, heavyweight 14 mm silk and hand-rolled hem detailing.

The Tassel Rhapsody scarf was inspired by travels to Tibet, roaming through its markets, breathing in and absorbing colors, patterns and textures of the local art and craftsmanship.

The tassel has always been a symbol of power and prestige. They have been commonly used throughout history. In the beginning, they served as a weaving knot in garments to prevent unraveling. Then, over the course, of time, they took on a more powerful significance: they were worn by ancient priests and military officers as talismans that warded off evil spirits. Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun was unearthed from his tomb wearing them around his neck. Later, Roman emperor Constantine decreed that all Christians should be clothed, leading to a high demand for tassel trimmings.

But, we can thank French for turning the tassel into a trendsetter. Around 16th century, the French established the Guild of Passementiers. This Guild was responsible for training young designers in these decorative arts, which predominantly consisted of tassels, also included fringes, ornamental cords, pompons and other trimmings.

About the Series Collection

New every season, our limited-edition Series Collection scarfs are lovingly crafted silk squares, printed from original artwork produced by master designers. Each is a work of art you can wear.

Dimensions: 36" X 36"

Material: 100% SILK


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