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Framed Bengal Blooms Scarf

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Inspired by the vibrant energy and timeless beauty of the Taj Mahal, the Bengal Blooms Series Scarf is now available framed and ready for your home.

The motivation for the design started with the flowers. Dahlias express sentiments of dignity and elegance, finding that inner strength to change in a positive way. Bluebells symbolize humility and gratitude, and are associated with love and constancy. Marigolds symbolize passion and creativity, a drive to succeed, and the beauty and warmth of the rising sun. Resembling a shield, Nasturtia symbolize strength, protection and conquest. Bi-colored roses symbolize unity, enduring love, adoration and good fortune. Rose-ringed parakeets represent love and friendship, and a reminder never to take things for granted. They often exhibit affection for each other, signifying trust and loyalty.

In the corner you will find the celebration of the Bengal Tiger. The scarf was designed to be folded on a bias where you could expose the tigers, revealing a regal feeling of protection and strength, giving you a sense of empowerment. They signify taking hold of your life and the opportunities that arise, bringing you confidence and the ability to trust yourself.

Dimensions:  41.5" x 41.5" framed


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